What the Most Respected Music Media is saying about EÖNIAN RECORDS?


"What a GREAT label, hearing bands and tracks that I thought were long lost and forgotten is a real treat." Steve Price of ARfm (United Kingdom) www.arfm.co.uk

"Eönian Records has reinvented Hair Metal!" Lucas H. Gordon of Senda Producciones (Latin America)

"Eönian Records continues to live up to the hype!" Thomas Bogedaly of Hardline Magazine (Germany) www.hardline-magazine.de

"For top shelf melodic Hard Rock and Metal, look no further than Eönian Records." Craig Hartranft of Dangerdog (United States) www.Dangerdog.com

"Chronicling yesterday's unsung Hard Rock heroes, today; the BEST archival labels bar none!" Denys Jaime of Myglobalmind Webzine (United States) www.myglobalmind.com

"Always the BEST in hard rockin' goodness. You can always count on it!" Kenneth Morton of Highwire Daze (United States) www.highwiredaze.com

"Uncompromising quality from an amazing label!" Brian Rademacher of Rock Eyez (United States)

"Eönian Records is THE ultimate source for discovering hidden gems." Gerald Siebenmorgen of Rock It! Magazine (Germany) www.rock-it-magazine.de

"Eönian Records keeps diggin' out the ultimate forgotten treasures." Ilka Heiser of Rocktimes (Germany) www.rocktimes.de

"NOT a more passionate record label out there, simply outstanding!" Jörg Brenzel of Sleaze-Metal (Germany) www.Sleaze-Metal.com

"I embrace their love of the genre whole-heartedly." Bruce Mee of Fireworks Magazine (United Kingdom) www.fireworks-mag.org

"Just when you thought the spirit of the eighties was dead; Eönian Records gives it a pulse!" David Randall of Get Ready to ROCK! (United Kingdom) www.getreadytorock.com

"They are not just passing by... they are here to stay for EONS ahead." George Anasontzis of Rockpages (Greece) www.Rockpages.gr

"They say Rock is dead, but Eönian Records have not been informed yet!" Moreno Lissoni of SLAM! (Italy) www.slamrocks.com

"Eönian Records is the gateway to the BEST Hard Rock and Metal" Tim Henderson of Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles (Canada) www.bravewords.com

"If you are looking for excellent forgotten jewels of Hardrock and Metal, then Eönian Records is your ONE-stop shop." Mike Möller of Breakout Magazine (Germany) www.breakoutmagazin.de

"Always nice to see new Entrepreneur in the music biz with integrity and tenaciousness; my experience working with Eönian Records on the Shake City project was a real pleasure." Erik Turner of Warrant (United States) www.warrantrocks.com

"Eönian's releases are not just a reminder of how great the 80's were, this is great music, period! You must check it out here and now!" Francesco 'Fuzz' Pascoletti of Classix Metal (Italy)

"Eönian Records brings me back to wonderful 80's rock scene!" Koichiro Nishino - Castle Of Pagan (Japan) www.CastleOfPagan.com

"If you love good-old melodic metal, you must get to know Eönian Records." Masao Fujiki - BURRN! Magazine (Japan)

"Eönian Records are archaeologists of hard n' heavy rock, long may they continue unearthing long lost melodic metal masterpieces!" Shane Pinnegar - The Rock Pit (Australia) www.TheRockPit.net


If you are a member of the music media and are interested in reviewing one or more of our titles, and/or would like to interview one of Eönian's bands or the label, please get in touch with us via email at: rockshop@eonianrecords.com